Speaking In Tongues: Language Across Contexts And Users

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Speaking in Tongues, the second volume of the English in the World series, places the reader at the heart of investigations into the nature and process of translation in an internationalized scenario where: the consolidation of multilateral institutions and multinational corporations struggle between globalization and localization; the information and communication technologies are both the means to enhance translation productivity and the main source of jobs for professional translators; the new media and communication technologies provide a whole range of ways to interact with other, both in leisure and academic settings. The scope of the book ranges from Systemic Functional Linguistics to Discourse Analysis, from Intercultural Rhetoric to Poststructuralism. The collection of articles has been edited to recognise the range of perspectives looking to this field and is of direct interest both to any linguist, translator or other social scientist working in the study of interlingual communication and to those designing and buying translation techologies for porfessional purposes.
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