Take Back Control

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Ever lost sleep worried about something? Has it gotten bigger and bigger? Anxiety is a normalfeeling in certain periods of our lives, and we aren't taught to deal with it. Here you will find asimple method to break free from the stressful loophole and regain control of yourself to free youramazing internal power. Embark on a new journey within through the experience of the author.Break free from fear by understanding the power of small steps to achieve change withoutsuffering. You will only need this book and a pair of shoes. "A book for everyone who wants morefrom life, who aspires for better" Feeling stressed is the new world disease. Learning to channel itfor our benefit and those around us, plays a key role in the acknowledgment of ourselves and theenablement of a happier community. Being OK with you is the first condition to creating animpacting and meaningful life. Start now!
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AutorJuan Meléndez De Zubiría
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