The Force Is Inside You

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Although he claims not to be a coach, the truth is that with this self-help book he intends to help many people to change their personality traits or aspects of their life, telling of his own personal experience, all the way he has come to meet his own SELF, channelling the force to achieve all his objectives. A book that explains how it can be achieved by anyone who really wants it, from the HEART and with a fundamental key: control the mind and turn negative thoughts into positive, without setting limits on anything we set out to do.The FORCE is INSIDE you is more than a simple self-help book. It is a guide for the reader to write what they want to change, their objectives, the steps they are taking, what make them happy, where to find the FORCEand finally find the reward: the inner BALANCE, to be in PEACE with ourselves and have the necessary FORCE to overcome any difficulty that life puts us. If you want to change your internality, this is your book.
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